whats the best way to build muscle mass?

im 20 years old male 5ft6 and a half 155 pounds i want to put on muscle mass I brought Muscle milk Cyto gainer and True mass which one is the best and how much should i take and how should i workout when i take it. Would i look weird with all that muscle mass being so short at 5ft6?. I also heard yoga will straightened out the spine to gain a little extra height. Should i start weight training first or yoga first. how would the weight training affect the yoga?

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  1. First off, you need a healthy diet with lots of food. The muscle milk will help you get some of the protein you need. Try for 1-1.5g protein per lbs. of body weight (155-232g of protein per day) and 2-4g per lbs. of body weight (310-420g) of healthy carbohydrates per day. Add some healthy fats (olive oil for instance) and you are looking at a good diet.

    As far as workouts go, look into Mark Rippetoe's starting strength routine. It has proven to be a great way for beginners to gain weight. Yoga and weight training will not adversely affect each other, unless you begin to be too tired to do one or the other. I would say weight training should take precedence over yoga, however, that's really your prerogative. If you want to gain muscle, lifting will be more beneficial.

    Also check out this blog: http://properweightloss.blogspot.com/

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