Metabolism and Weight loss

Maybe you ever join a popular diet program and you can lose a few pounds the first week. But, what happened after a few weeks? You start to gaining weight. And you ended up with even more fat (and less muscle mass) then ever, right? It happened many times for many of us.

You should know what make you fail. You need to understand your metabolism. Back to the earlier theory that you are over-weight because your body gets more energy than it needs. Then your metabolism will store the extra energy as fat for shortage times, when less food than usual is consumed.

Now, the question is why your metabolism keeps storing the fat even when you are starving? Your metabolism already learns the routine of your meals, and get used to what you eat how many calories, what types of food, when they are consumed, how much workout you do and so on. Your metabolism trapped on the same routine. If you keep continuing this eating routine, your body find itself in a satiation where there is extra energy that can be stored. You can’t not lose any pounds again.

Then what should you do? Simple, increase your metabolism. Here the simple things that you can do to increase your metabolism:

– <a target=”_blank” href=””>Best Exercise for Losing Weight</a>. If you don’t have any idea about exercise, you only need to move more often. Choose the activities you like, then you will enjoy it.
– <a target=”_blank” href=””>Foods that speed up your metabolism</a> also will help you to increase your metabolism.
– Drink water, this is vital during a diet plan! Water is very important for our metabolism, and drinking a lot of water keeps the body working efficiently and in a healthy manner, which is exactly what you want your body to do.

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