What kind of supplements will i need if i want to build muscle?

I am 24 years old, i have some weight in my mid section, my plan is to loose that and build overall muscle. Whey protein constipates me so i want to stay away from that, what are some alternatives to whey protein? what other supplements can i use to build muscle? Can anyone recommend me some. Thanks What kind of workout will i need to reach my goal?

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  1. atlbraves says:

    CASEIN PROTEIN – before bed
    CREATINE – before and after workouts (avoid creatine monohydrate due to the creatine bloat).
    BCAA – after workouts (next best to whey protein)
    L-CARNITINE – helps burn fat naturally

  2. batista got punk'd says:

    whey protien, it makes ur stomach rock hard

  3. lots of protein!

  4. go to a gnc…my bro is 19 and hes like body toneing….and hes pretty much all muscle!!good luck…i think one of the protein shakes he has is called halo???

    thats another thing…do proteing shakes!!
    and DO NOT DO STERIODS!!!=[

  5. suppliments are only help about 5 percent when building muscle, one if you want to see more muscle eat right, and for protien i take muscle milk. but if you want something that will help you build muscle quick is creatine but only take it if you work out, you might notice a difference in about 2 weeks, but if you do take creatine make sure you drink plenty of water.

  6. El Numero Uno Cubano Bruno says:

    Creatine is the standard among all bodybuilders.
    It has a proven safe track record and is well-known because it really works.

    I suggest getting a decent creatine monohydrate powder.

  7. I’d suggest giving Stemulite (www.stemulight.com) a try. It works for me and it’s a great all natural muscle builder. It will also help your endurance too.

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