Anyone know best ways to build muscle mass?

Right now I’m 6"1′ and I weigh about 165 pounds with a body type that is a combination between an ectomorph and a mesomorph. I am extremely active and workout for at least 90 minutes a day for 6 days a week in training for triathlons. However I would like to build some more muscle mass to help improve my times in swimming and to have a little better physique. I’m pretty much open to any ideas including supplements, workout ideas or just general advice.

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  1. BThunderW says:

    Increase the weight, decrease the reps. If you’re doing any more than 8-10 reps per set, you’re not loading the muscle enough.

  2. Do higher weight and less reps. Example: Bench Press 135 lbs 6 times rather than 100 lbs 10 times.

    Works chest and back monday
    Arms Wednesday
    And Legs Friday. Do cardio for 10 minutes before your work out. do hard low rep workouts for 8 weeks and u will see incredible results

  3. Bastiaan85 says:

    Start lifting weights, they will help a lot more than aerobic exercises.

    In addition get a lot of protein in your diet, you muscles need it to grow quickly. Get whey protein shakes and take those after every workout as and don’t eat anything the following hours (but do drink water).

    You don’t need any other supplements, they are more dangerous for your health than beneficial for your muscles.

  4. lars12801 says:

    The best way to build mass is to use compound exercises as part of a total body training program, these are the exercises that will benefit an athlete the most: Squat, Deadlift, bench and Powercleans all of these are core lifts and should be a part of any athletes arsenal!! The Squat being the most important. "If an athlete only did squats in his weight training program then this person would have a good program." You should build a program that focuses on these 4 lifts, don’t do bodybuilding exercises they have no benefit to an athlete like you!! you should also incorporate a good plyometric program as well, here is an example program

    Mon- Squat, Bench do 5 sets of 6-8 reps (Squat first!) every week add 5lbs of weight for Bench and 10lbs of weight for squats

    Tues- plyometrics (check out youtube for some demonstrations)

    Wed- Powercleans, add a couple of supplementary exercises that will help you in your sport, you use your shoulders alot for swimming so maybe some military presses and db laterals

    Thurs- same as tuesday

    Friday- deadlift and two summplentary exercises

    Sat&Sun- rest

    you should definetly supplement your training with supplements mainly Creatine and Protein, I use BSN Product and they have many more to choose from as well as stacks for athletes.

    check out for some great articles on training and nutrtion as well as a complete list with demonstrations on how to perform just about any exercise you can imagine.. good luck

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