Muscle mass?

Has anyone lost muscle mass because of working out too much? I work out every monday, wed, and friday. I missed my workout on friday and finally got to the gym today (monday).

worked out for two hours, and my muscles dont feel as tight as they have in days past. was wondering why this is? when I flex it seems that I have actually lost mass lol.

Also, is it best to have a large meal after workouts??

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  1. OK dude .
    maybe it's just your game plan. like your reps how do you do them ? do you do them real slow ? if not well that's your problem (hey your training there's no rush) and another thing if you can finish your reps then put more weight on them.
    example: let's say your curling 150pounds and your reps are 12-12-12 well if you can do them all then curl 160 or 170 until your reps look like this 12-11-10 knowing your aiming for 12-12-12 and once you get there ……well step up
    hope this helps and check your diet
    oh yeah…..DON'T USE STEROIDS
    and yes eat after workouts but you should have a little something before and take whey powder right after your workout that helps a lot

  2. intelbarn says:

    It CAN happen if you overtrain……but it doesn't sound like the case here.

    If your water intake was lower that day you may have lost some "mass" since muscle tissue is largely water.

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