Is there any supliments for women to take to gain muscle mass before they work out?

I’m not trying to look like Chyna or anything. I’m 19 and very small boned, (like a runway model) and I’d like to gain more muscle mass mainly on my calves.
I just want to get rid of these chicken legs, but I’m not sure just exercise will make them bigger

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  1. The solution to your chicken legs, lol…. is to do lots of squats and seated calf raises, 3 sets of 12….for the calves make sure to do toes pointed inward and toes pointed outward, since the hit different parts of your calves….

  2. you need to eat at least 250-500 more calories than you burn to gain muscle mass. take some creatine and a multivitamin. you should be good as long as your workouts are difficult

  3. nutritionist34 says:

    I would try some whole food supplements such as the ones at this website They are totally natural made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

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