Would I lose any muscle mass that i gained from working out if i consume enough protein?

I worked out at my school gym 5 days a week for about 7 months. During the summer I haven’t been able to work out but I haven’t noticed a huge amount of muscle loss. So i was wondering, if i work out and gain muscle mass but stop, can i eat enough protein to maintain it for about 3 months until the school year starts again?

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  1. yusuke6989 says:

    The muscle mass may remain, but most likely, the muscle itself is weakening while you aren’t working out. If you need to you could switch from a muscle building workout to a lighter muscle maintaining workout. But if you completely stop you should be losing the ability to lift as much as you could prior (whether you are losing muscle mass or not). Any time you stop working out for more than a week your body will start to lose its conditioning (strength endurance etc).

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