What sports supplements are good for hardcore runners?

I’m a daily runner, but i still have a few pounds in the stomach area. I want to loose that and get a six pack. What supplements like protein and hydroxycut would work?

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  1. First off, there isn’t any conclusive evidence regarding hydroxycut, and protein itself doesn’t do anything to get rid of the weight. Looking at the ingredients, you’re just as well off saving your money and replacing the hydroxycut with green tea.

    As for supplements that help a runner, you’ll get the best results by adding lean muscle, getting enough sleep, and following proper nutrition.

    The protein can help with the lean muscle, but most average people get enough protein in their diet. If you do use protein supplements, opt for the most natural available type. Whey protein is good, eating additional lean meat is better (fish is the best, low calorie and any fat in it is the good kind). Adding push ups, sit ups, and pull ups 3-4 times a week is enough to boost your calorie burning abilities greatly. The protein might also help your running recovery, providing additional building materials for the leg muscles.

    Tons of studies have linked irregular sleep patterns and inadequate sleep with weight gain. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and getting roughly the same amount each night. Your body will recover better, meaning it will perform better during exercise, meaning better weight loss.

    As for nutrition, weight loss is, in its most basic form, calories in versus calories out. In addition to this though, you’ve got to get enough vitamins, endurance exercise like running depletes them and can open us up to illness. A good quality multivitamin is sometimes necessary.

    There’s no magic bullet supplement for weight loss. You’re on the right track, you just have to give it time. Summer is still a ways away, you’ve got plenty of time.

  2. Get energy drinks to last you longer when you run, cos you need to burn the fats first before getting those packs. Dont be confused, fats wont convert into muscle. Its the protein that builds up muscles. After losing those flabs, get whey proteins to achieve great results

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