Can calcium supplements be taken in conjunction with others?

I heard once that calcium will block the absorption of other key nutrients if they are taken after te same meal. Is this true? I usually like to split my supplements (like multi) up and take them throughout the day. A full calcium citrate supplement is taken in three pills, so I’m trying to figure out how to get an adequate amount of calcium every day.

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  1. I do, but then the brand I take is organic with a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium (which the former needs in order to absorb properly), so there’s no question of any block or interference.

  2. inverse_mushroom_cloud says:

    Good to take calcuim with Vit. D and Vit. C. Both increase absorption.

    Never take with Iron. They block each other.

  3. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    No problem whatever. Multivitamins contain calcium so taking some extra calcium is OK.

    If you take mega doses of calcium then you will also need a magnesium supplement to balance the calcium as the two interact and too much of one can cause a deficiency of the other one due to preferential absorption of the one in excess at the expense of the other one.

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