What is a good supplement to take for wrestling?

Currently i weigh 174lbs and I’m cutting down to 160lbs which isnt going to be that hard. The problem is when i cut and have to keep cutting all season i get tired and run down. What is a good multivitamin for me to take during the season or what are some vitamins/supplements i could take to have energy, not lose too much muscle mass, and stay healthy?
Our practices are usually 2-3 hours long and most of it is drilling and wrestling. Only a little bit is running or weight training…

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  1. Healthy Helen says:

    Ginkgo biloba is popular because it protects the cardiovascular system and rids the body of damaging pollutants. By increasing the delivery of oxygen to the brain, ginkgo can improve memory and mental performance. It also improves hand-to-eye coordination by protecting the eyes and brain from damage.

    Ginkgo will not only help you get the mental edge, but it will help improve your reaction time and endurance, and speed your post-match recovery.

  2. Bao Xin Lu says:

    If you exercise it help you with you weight or you could eat healthy food and it make you stronger

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