Why do I feel dizzy and want to throw up after taking a vitamin/food supplement?

My mom and sister also take the food supplement, but they never feel dizzy. The food supplement is said to be for women of all ages. Is there a problem with me?

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  1. take it with some milk. and a few crackers. try taking half a dose 2 times instead on one big one, not before bed

  2. Your body is not used to it yet. It will take some time.

  3. is it really a vitamin? If so are you eating beforehand? If not that could be the problem.

  4. Wooderson says:

    Are you taking it on an empty stomach?

    That might be it.

  5. It could be a number of things – that you’re allergic to something in the pill itself, that you have an imbalance in the levels in your system or that your body is out of kilter and getting used to the new system.

    if it’s soon after taking the pill, I think it’s most likely the allergy. Try another brand of vitamins – if that doesn’t help, speak to your doctor.

    What kind of food supplement is it? If you’re replacing meals or not eating enough then no wonder you’re feeling dizzy!

  6. I think you are talking it on an empty stomack, try eatting a meal before you take them.. If that does not help, you could have a food allergy.

  7. Your body is reacting to the supplements so stop taking them. You should get your required nutrients from a balanced diet of healthy foods and drinks. You shouldn’t need supplements unless you are ill; in that case see your Doctor and ask his/her.

  8. everything ain’t for everybody no matter what it says.
    maybe you’re pregnant.
    stop & ask your doctor.

  9. manjunath p says:

    Your body is rejecting. stop it.

  10. you are experiencing classic metabolic tolerance build up for said supplements you are now adding to your digesitve system… your system will adapt in no time, otherwise you may be experiencing food and/or drug interactions which could induce allergies and such… give it a couple of weeks before talking to a nurse or doctor~~~

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