Muscle Building In A Rush – week 4 (Workout Program For Building Muscle)

Who Else Wants My Muscle Building Workout Program? Visit “Muscle Building In A Rush” Week 4 1a Decline Chest Press (4 reps) 1b: Front Squat (4 reps) 1c: Bent Over Barbell Row (4 reps) Perform 4 reps for each set (1a, 1b, 1c) without taking a break in between sets. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Grab your muscle building workout program now at NOW is the time to arm yourself with the weapons you need to * Create unbelievable muscle …

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  1. DeliBalta02 says:

    Haha. Maybe thats a kind of ass looking like a pussy – maybe important for gays.

  2. kevler8803 says:

    This is a repost i remember on the original post it had instructions to do week 1 the 3 times a week every other day
    the week 2 routine 3 times a week every other day and so on

  3. SmkinBarrel says:

    Now, do you do this every other day in this week or do you do it once a week?

  4. KyoukouSuneku says:

    One last thing, what the f**k is a Pussy Ass?
    Is that like a genetic mutation? A combination of both?

  5. KyoukouSuneku says:

    By the way, you haven’t proved anything yet. Ok, maybe I’m wrong with my theory, but you have no decency to even consider the complications that come into play when lifting weights.

    Just because he aint’ benching 2x his body weight doesn’t mean he can’t nor does it mean you have to be a piss head about it. (Although you do have the right, but in my defense…)

  6. KyoukouSuneku says:

    What do you have against asians?
    And what makes me think I am asian, my username?
    You judge me too quickly.

    Ok, maybe you have had 20 years experience in lifting weights, I don’t know ‘I won’t judge you’ (unlike some people) but why are you being so up yourself just because this guy is using lesser weight for a demonstration.

  7. epicsamp95 says:

    Is your assistant small or are you tall? lol

  8. wtf, somebody asked what degree vince and arnel has and i told him, so shut the fuck up dumb motherfucker

  9. NBison100 says:

    lol KyoukouSuneku I think it’s likely I know more about weight training than you.
    ‘Go off and do your 20 sets of Squat Rack Bicep curls’? nuff said lmao typical asian geek

  10. KyoukouSuneku says:

    Also, maybe he has already trained that day, or is going to, or maybe he is doing a completely different routine and doesn’t want to f**k everything up by using heavy ass weights during their demonstration.

    If you know even the slightest thing about strength training, I’m sure you would understand that.

    Go off and do your 20 sets of Squat Rack Bicep curls and stop being a bitch.

  11. rhettgates says:

    I think Delmonte photo shops his pics. In his videos he looks nothing like his pics (physique wise).

    Wish he’d photo shop that gigantic nose of his.

  12. tedkamble says:

    SaiE8 shut the fuck up

  13. mindphr33k says:

    dude, arnel is tiny in front of vince

  14. great video vince, the onl thing i dont get is that there afre 4 videos…… week 1 2 3 4 , but how often should you do these workouts………

  15. Vince has Honours Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario. And arnel has Bachelor Degree in Health and Exercise Science
    Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
    Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
    Certified C.O.R.E Instructor Level I
    Certified NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach
    Certified By The American Strength Training Insitute
    Certified CPR Healthcare Provider Insured
    They both have informative books out and they sell,they have outside clients.

  16. darkreaper91 says:

    it’s a demonstration dude

  17. TheSupervegeta01 says:

    that’s right man

  18. travis37115 says:

    Everyone who leaves these stupid, bullshit ass comments, I’m sure knows nothing about weight training, ya’ll pussies don’t have nothing better to do? I’m pretty sure ya’ll fucks are overweight with pot bellys, and ya’ll are asking why they using light weights; its to show you proper form. Dumbasses!!!

  19. NBison100 says:

    no it’s gayer to show by example lifting pussy ass weights. there’s plenty of weight lifting instruction videos on YT where they lift heavy ass fucking weights. never trust a skinny chef know what I’m saying? what qualification is this?

  20. godfreejones says:

    rhettgates wanna go bud shut the fuck up u fagget go work on your muffin top bud

  21. OutBack206 says:

    Christmas and New years?

    Its October…. calm down.

  22. RaNdOsMaShEr says:

    fuck the haters dude

  23. aerialfury says:


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  25. josephhandsome1013 says:


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