How can I gain muscle mass just using a simple dumbell set?

I’m 6’5” and weigh 158 lbs. and I want to gain weight. The problem is that I only own a simple dumbell set. Is there any workout routine that I could do to gain weight and muscle mass.

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  1. newestedition says:

    you can gain muscle weight by just eating.

    eat TONS of protein. LEAN protein

    eggs and chicken. its alllllll in eggs and chicken.
    and in the military, they get those boys HUGE withouth weights at all. doing excercises that use body weight as resistance is VERY effective.

    push ups
    sit ups
    pull ups
    mountain climbers
    leg lifts

    all that will help :]
    start eatin and just use your body

  2. lots of meat,water, and steriods

  3. Slow reps and resistance

  4. Eccentric exercises to failureeeeeeee! 48 hours between workouts.

  5. WittyKitty says:

    use low weights with more reps (12-15)….every other day. increase weight slightly (10lbs) after a month…(15-17 reps). stop burning all your calories doing cardio stuff. Stretch, do yoga moves, use weights…..walk, don’t run….isometric exercises are good–pull-ups, push-ups, flex and relax using smith machine or universal equipment, tho equipment is not necessary….military style exercise will add muscle mass.

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