Should I be using protein supplements at the age of 15?

I have been working out for about a year. I am a man. I recently got the protein supplement Myoplex from a friend at school and I have been wondering if it’s right for me. It contains plenty of ingredients but most of them seem to be vitamins and minerals. I am still going through puberty and I don’t know if I should be using protein supplements at this age. I think I might just stick to chicken and other meat for my sources of protein.

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  1. Girth McGarnagle says:

    chicken, meat, and tuna

    leave the supplements for after your body has fully matured or consult your physician.

    protein supplements, creatine, etc have been known to cause kidney problems… seriously

  2. randall_nd says:

    If you are eating right, supplements shouldn’t be necessary. A very good source of protein is peanut butter.

  3. Your to young for protein drinks unless prescribed by a doctor To much protein can damage your vital organs and cause you problems later in life. You can alsways talk to a health care person but your body is still growing and maturing if your in good health why rock the boat

  4. No do not take protein supplement. Lots of people take them when they shouldn’t be. Our diets include lots of protein it’s difficult to not get enough. Please don’t take them. Tell your friend to stop as well. He (or she) is wasting their time and money.

  5. agentrotard says:

    you are fine, take it if you want. I would stay away from the complicated stuff, but simple whey protein is fine.

  6. ididyourmom says:

    these fuckers dont know what there talkin about ive been working out for years theres nothing in protein supps that can hurt you at any age! but stay away from creatine you dont need it yet

  7. immense69 says:

    well I’m a football player and have been working out since I was 14 our coach gives us protein shakes after everyworkout he says it helps repair muscle and helps muscle growth ive visited many nutritionist and they say its good too but u need to drink alot of water.

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