what is the best supplement that actually works and is cheap?

what actually works, i need a supplement that works 100% that makes you cut, and makes you bigger, i go to the gym 3 times and workout my whole body i just need a good supplement that gets me results, i need answers from people that have used supplements an seen good results, can anyone help?

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  1. You need a good multi vitamin

  2. take a mulit vititnam ( i take centrum right now, but i want to take AST multi pro 32X, that is more for athletes and stuff) but in terms of getting bigger and a supplement use muscel milk. It tastes extremly good and it really works. Its pricy if you buy it at their website but there are pleanty of places where you can buy it much cheaper like on ebay and stuff.\

    and try to get to a gym a 4th time in a week it will help as well.

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