What is the best types of exercises to help burn fat but not really build muscle mass?

I am in search of a good aerobic type exercise other than walking, eliptical machines, and running that will help burn fat. Do not want to build any more muscle mass, just want to tone up more.
I do not need any more muscle mass. I have enough just want to keep fat off my bones!

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  1. Hi. Nobody has answered your question thus far.

    Games playing (like soccer, tennis, hockey etc) are good, however be careful not to get injured.

    You’ve covered walking, running and cross training.

    Cycling. Swimming (non load bearing however), circuit training, skipping.

    Anything that you can use to raise your heart rate to about 70% of HRMax will do the trick… and then sustain it for about 30 minutes.

  2. anything that involves lots of reps with low weights

    crunches, 5 lb dumbell workouts are perfect , tons of reps 100-200

  3. chiapet159 says:

    Walking or slow jog. Elliptical is good too.

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