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  1. A Very inspiring video now its my time to transform and get my life and body on track. I would never curse my faith again. It is hard work not faith that matters most. Gaurav Akrani

  2. wooooohohoohoh at 3:30 all made sence

  3. thank you for sharing…and congrat on losing the weight

  4. me2u2like says:

    @natalie1605 The surgery was to loseweight , duh.

  5. poohtimmy1 says:

    i am first of all proud of u for losing soooo much weight.. but did u get gastric bypass? or u actually excercised? did really get a boob job?…. well ur cute anyways!! regardless of what u dont have//

  6. JenniferSheppard says:

    You are SUCH an inspiration to me. Thank you for posting this video. You’re beautiful, my dear! Someday I will be too. 🙂

  7. **Congrats on your journey!! Bravo to you for sharing!

  8. 4everHarleys says:

    I’m trying not to cry.

    I am sincerely happy for you.

    You are an inspiration, sweetheart.

  9. omg : ]
    : [ i wish i can losesum weight..
    please givve me some tips

  10. one2bucklemyhat says:

    how how HOW??

    you look amazing. gimme a hand!!

  11. natalie1605 says:

    This is amazing. What was your surgery for? How long did they weight loss take you? The before pics remind me of myself right now… Good thing I am on a mission to lose the weight also 🙂

  12. Fantastic Job, you look amazing!

  13. loadquicker says:

    I watch this almost daily now. You were always gorgeous. You look great now and I’m using this as my inspo vid. 🙂

  14. fingerhole says:

    im trying to loose weight to how did u do it could u send me a message telling me how ?

  15. Janineebofeenie says:

    this video made me cry with joy. There’s hope for me. You are absolutely inspirational. Thank you so much for posting your journey… and I hope your wedding was a fabulous. You are absolutely beautiful sweetie.

  16. Yandelito07 says:


  17. crispiemo81 says:

    I think that what you did is great! You’r simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 2.50-you’re a knockout! You have done so amazingly good, it was such a thrill watching this – you have every reason to be proud, beautiful girl! Love your spirit and energy:D

  19. alfie007a says:

    you look real good

    what did u do?

  20. bigbitchification says:

    you look so gorgeous!

  21. grizim291 says:

    hey girl. can you give me some tips.. you are an amazing inspiration!!!!!

  22. YvesBeauty says:

    you are very brave to show your body with those marks i have those and i would never show them so can i ask what happend to those marks after you se weight?

  23. you are quite gorgeous and sexy.

  24. mrstuttle09 says:

    hey i just want to say that what you are doing is a great thing for yourself. i only hope that i can do the same for myself. what i wanted to know how did u do it? was it the natural way or did u have surgery? thanks

  25. musicalanimals says:

    wow. you look amazing, both in size and beauty!

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