What effects would testosterone supplements have on a 19 year old’s appearance?

I am 19, still going through puberty (as far as i can tell…) and I have a rather weak chin/jaw and large nose. I am also slender built and was wondering if taking testosterone supplements now while my body is still producing some would help make my facial features more masculine and perhaps add some muscle as well.

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  1. It won’t make you jaw bigger but it will make your genitals smaller.

    Bad idea.

  2. You will produce testosterone all your life. However, if you seem to think it is necessary to take a testosterone supplement, see a doctor and ask them. However, this just may be the way that your body will be. Not all males are muscular with a square jaw shape. Really, don’t worry about it.

  3. mewrongway says:

    Yes it wiil, but see a doctor. I used the testosterone cream,
    It made my penis huge. Got to be careful with that stuff.

  4. y0_jordan says:

    at 19 years old your body is at its peak of testosterone production. there is no testosterone supplement that will really affect you since you are producing as much as your body already will. you can add muscle by (obviously) eating right and going to the gym. as far as the weak chin/jaw, thats genetics and get plastic surgery if you hate it that bad

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