How long after you stop weightlifting do u begin to lose muscle mass?

How long after you stop weightlifting do u begin to lose muscle mass? And if you only trained one muscle group
a week(.ie biceps) once a week would they grow or stay same size?? thanks

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  1. I generally train each muscle group only once a week. I’ve been doing that for several years and made plenty of progress. I think you start to lose muscle mass around two weeks if you stop training.

  2. blaise_collins says:

    After 2 weeks your muscles begin to atrophy exponentially. That means you lose more and more muscle mass as time goes on.
    And to your other question, I work chest once a week, back once a week, legs once a week and shoulders once a week. I have been doing that for 2 years now and see nothing but progress.

  3. caraohara says:

    If you keep your calories up you should keep most of the muscle mass.
    It’s highly recommend that you train only one muscle group per week to allow for adequate rest and reoccupation

  4. I think about a month after you stop you’re gonna start losing strength.. that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing muscle mass. Muscle mass is kinda hard to lose. I read somewhere that in your mid-twenties you start losing half a pound of muscle mass per year. And that’s obviously if you don’t exercise.

    That depends on how you train the muscle group. If you really kick ass every time, and you’re sore for a couple of days afterwards, even if it’s only once a week, the muscle will grow. Assuming that your diet includes all the necessary stuff to build muscle like protein and vitamins.

  5. 3weeks i beleave u lose body mass

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