I've heard Whey protein helps in increasing muscle mass. Does that mean it affects size of your penis too?

Majority of bodybuilders take protein supplements to increase their muscle mass. Penis is a muscle too. Does that imply that Body builders have bigger penises- especially girth wise? On the contrary, I have heard them suffering from low libido in many cases! what’s the truth?

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  1. Lamar, the Repeater says:

    the penis, like others have stated, is not a muscle. however Whey Protein in augmentation with other supplements can enhance penile growth.


  2. Um no sorry Charlie

  3. immutablesteelflash says:

    No, the penis isn’t a muscle.

    Low libido is usually caused by steroids in body builders.

  4. No, the penis is *NOT* a muscle.

  5. The penis is NOT a muscle. It’s made up of three columns of tissue: two corpora cavernosa lie next to each other on the dorsal side and one corpus spongiosum lies between them on the ventral side. This is a spongy tissue that fills with blood when you become aroused, causing it to be erect. Low libido is usually caused when someone is suffering from gynecomastia which is often a result of steroid abuse.

  6. The Robster says:

    No, sorry. It won’t affect your penis size. Technically, your penis isn’t a muscle anyway. It’s a spongy chamber that fills with blood.

  7. Steroids do shrink the testicles and penis. And whey powder is not what makes body builders muscular.

  8. steroids makes your body work a lot harder, meanas more stress in most organs, = low sexual drive, decrease penis and testicle sizes.

    be better off being relax and calm, that way, it will keep your penis and testicles in great shape and sizes.

  9. NOPE! The penis is not a muscle-it’s only control "by" muscle. As for the libido of bodybuilders-it’s the drugs they take to increase their mass. I lift-take all teh protiens, 12 hour time released proteins as well. What it will do is keep repairing your muscles after a hard workout and keep a positive nitrogen count in your system, thus your pump will remain longer and that’s good.

  10. only body builds up
    belly comes in the way
    while fkin
    the penis becomes penny

  11. no.

    penis is not muscle

  12. lothian505 says:

    drink vodka

  13. No man….There are ways to make it larger. I myself have gained about an inch, its gotten slightly fatter, and it hangs a LOT more. There are manual exercises that work, they include stretching and engorging the penis with more blood (like an ultra erection). Mistermanpower.net has a good guide to penis enlargement exercises like these. You need to be patient and careful tho, or you can hurt yourself.

    Has natural methods of boosting libido too

  14. The penis is no muscle. Go figure.
    Bodybuilders are notorious for doing steroids. But the problem with it is, that the body or more precisely, the testicles get the information, that there is enough testosterone and they needn´t produce even more of this. Therefore, the testicles degenerate more and more, with some of those ´roid monkeys to the point of no return. And since the custom-made steroids they take are designed merely to grow meat, they doesn´t enhance the sex drive, basically leaving an awesome hunk with nothing else to do for a woman then to pose for her. *shrug*

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