What is the best supplement for loosing weight?

I am eating healthy and working out. I want to know what is a good supplement to take? I want to loose weight and to gain muscle. Please only answer me if you have taken the supplements yourself and havent just heard about them.

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  1. Accomplia. It is by prescription and available throughout Europe and the UK. It isn’t a supplement. Research it and discuss it with your doctor. I have been following the trials for years and have been taking it since it became available last June. I am impressed. The pharm name is Rimonabant. Too detailed to go into here. Look it up.

  2. Always go natural read some useful weight loss tips and more on this site to help you with it

  3. gorbalizer says:

    Hi the best thing on the market any where in the world today is a product called prycennafor moderate weight loss if you want to lose a large amount I would say prycenna thermal action coupled with PNT 200 would be the best thing for you I have lost 30 lbs contact the cellular health foundation they not only have the product but have lifestyle coaches and a help line and a good support system its at http://www.cellular health.org hope this helps you best wishes gorbalizer

  4. best supplement is a multi-vitamin PLUS eating healthy and excercise.

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