Can taking multiple vitamin supplements be harmful?

I am currently taking:
One-a-day teen advantage for her
Natrol biotin supplement of 3000mcg
And am planning to take:
Natrol Easy-C 1000mg
I am 14 btw
Is taking this many supplements bad for my health?

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  1. Too much vitamin C can cause constipation so make sure only one of your supplements contains it.

  2. ireallyneedajob_1234 says:

    vitamins are one of the most healthy things out there and if u take a multiple vitamin all you are doing is taking different vitamins in one. so no your fine if you take them because they are nothing but good for your body and cannot create damage

  3. you should becareful because taking vitamins can have to much iron which can be harmful but other than that taking them is a good thing

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