what is the best supplement for hair, skin and nails?

I tried Perfectil before. As far as I remember it was fairly good but it is a little expensive for my current budget. I want a general multivitamin/minerals supplement as well as trying to get them from my diet. I have whiteheads on my forehead making it a bit bumpy and tendency to get spots and whitehead on my chin. It’s not that noticeable when I wear make up but it bothers me.
Any recommendations for supplements aimed at skin health?

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  1. Maybe you should change your approach. Go for seperate suppliments, something that treats skin hair and nails can’t be too effective at them all. I would suggest Zinc for your nails, aswell as Almond oil (both very cheap) For your skin you should try a natural ailment. I use Sage & Comfrey from the Body shop for my whole face. It’s a small tube that you use before moisturiser and dries your small spots and whiteheads up a treat, plus it makes your make-up really smooth with your make-up on.
    I would always try those before suppliments, you can get the same thing from fresh fruit and veg as you can from suppliments.
    Good luck! x

  2. loreal

  3. I’m a nurse. Go to any herbal store for something. They all work fine. Make sure they say for hair, skin, and nails.

  4. hte main suppliment is protein and calcium use ,nutrilite protein powder vary gud and cool ,gud luck

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