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  1. robin123robin says:

    Hi cindy,
    I must say that the tv crew did a great job, by showing the hard work you have put into , what i call gaining your life back. really inspiring and moving.motívating and infectious, want to do something with your own life. congrats on the gr8 show.

  2. kelkelof5 says:

    i loved the show you are such a inspiration for ladies/men out there that are trying to loose the weight with out surgery i go u and down im 260 right now its just hard specially when you have tons of medical problems i hope one day i can look AWESOME like you do thanks for sharing your life and weight loss with us your family is awesome and your mom would be so PROUD of you and you know she is up their roooting you on to do the best you can do you are loved everywhere

  3. obsessed4203 says:

    I think the show was great and very motivating. I think you look great. I can see that you feel great, its all over your face. I’m happy for you, keep up the good work.

  4. mrscerveraxox says:

    but it is so hard i weigh 236 pds its hell its tearing my family apart slowly i juss hope i can find a away to cope like u did god bless

  5. mrscerveraxox says:

    you go girl honestly am along with all these other woman ive been struggling with my weight since i had my son whom naw is 3 yrs old ive never since then felt comfterble with my body i dont wear anything that does not cover my whole body i have problems fitting in any clothes when i go shopping and its just so depressing and unbearable just to watch myself fall apart i wanna be there for my son i wanna watch him grow n get married you know ..CONTINUED

  6. chandnighosh says:

    i am so proud of you! not just due to ur weight loss but the happiness and joy you have gaind in your like too. So happy and proud of you:). muah!!!

  7. nadeneification says:

    I’ve lost a ton of weight and gained muscle with this and acai berry.. there are a few free trials left at diet-mentor . info

  8. Chubbs2Thin says:

    I saw your TV special tonight and you inspired me to make a blog! Thank you!!

  9. xsencix808 says:

    i injured my knee i had just started working out and i was feeling defeated . You are inspiration to me . Finally somebody real ! . somebody who understands.
    Keep up the good work and thank you so much for the inspiration .

  10. LOVINGB4LIFE says:

    You’ve set a goal and have set your mind and heart on accomplishing it!! You are such a Blessing to youtube! You have a great personality and it shines through.Great video u have truley inspired not only the youtube world but now America:) take care and keep up the work

  11. fromthick2thin says:

    oh my goodness this piece was very inspiring i actually watched it last night and this morning and right now lol i went to the gym for the 1st time ever in my 24 years of life because u have inspired me. bless your family and thank u for being inspiring. also where can i get ur hair products?

  12. dawnkytty says:

    Thanks for posting this! I think that it’s very inspiring. I hope that I can lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, even though no one in my family thinks I can. You are proof that it IS possible. Congratulations!

  13. thanks for taking the time to post the video…i too missed it and have been looking for the full episode…thanks for making it so convenient to watch….when will the shake be put out for sale and can we purchase it in canada? congratulations cindy…continued success!

  14. rfsmith93 says:

    It was great, thanks for posting, I really enjoyed watching, and am very much inspired by your story. Congratulations, on doing so well!

  15. renee1000 says:

    This is conderful Cindy, you did such a great job truly!!

  16. Great job keep up the great work. you are such an inspiration to me.

  17. lamarie78 says:

    Congrats to you cindy! I love your story.

  18. Aspicedoll says:

    Congrats on your weight loss and continued success in all that you do. It’s so great to see how close and supportive your siblings are of you.

  19. This documentary came together nicely. I am so proud of you & your mom would be proud as well. YOU have something to last you, 2 say look what i did!. YaY!

  20. yesenia1070 says:

    thats weird that it says orangecounty florida hahah i live in orangecounty and its CALIFORNIA they got confused

  21. CheesyMcK says:

    I so enjoyed watching this; thank you for sharing it with us. (I don’t have cable, so I was dying to see it! lol) You are absolutely an inspiration and such a beautiful person. I look up to you and admire you. I am a size 24 and I have been trying to lose weight my whole life. (i’ve lost 30 pounds). Your videos motivate me so much, and I look forward to each and every one of them. Thank you Cindy!!!!

  22. BuckeyeVA says:

    Thank you for posting your show segment, I don’t get the WE channel. I thinks its wonderful that you are sharing your weight loss for all of us to see and root you on to you!

  23. babygurl5150 says:

    Thank You for posting the show on your site. I missed the show because I was at school that night – The show was great! Your are such an inspiration – Congratulations! You deserve it girl!

  24. pinkagatepj says:

    AMAZING! You should feel very proud & confident in yourself for all that you have acheived! You’re such an inspiration & I’ve been subscribed to you for about half a year now, and always look forward to your videos! Keep it going! I was wondering- could you make another video telling us about what happens/happened whenever you indulge in something, or to just tell us about the psychological effect this eating journey had on you, and how you pulled through? Thanks and congrats! 😉

  25. unity4seif says:

    You are great and really inspiring to many of us. I think the show is great as it gives us a chance to know more about your life, about who you are. I hope you continue until you reach your final goal. I ‘ll keep watching your vids coming in the future.

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