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  1. jessigrady22 says:

    I WANT TO VISIT!!!! That would be my dying wish!!!!!!!! I want to meet all of you, you guys sound like the coolest people of the face of the earth!!!!!!! (;

  2. iFeedMyDingoBiscuts says:

    how close is fort wayne IN to wherever you guys are in michigan?

  3. iFeedMyDingoBiscuts says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!


  4. canada rulez!!!!!!

  5. infodude639 says:

    Hey brian I was wondering if yall do the shows yourself or if yall got a camra guy helping ?

  6. SnakeBytesTV says:

    I’ll be honest I don’t know if I could choose. I love them all so much?? Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  7. Chaosdude341 says:

    if you ever had to have just one snake, what one would you chose?

  8. SnakeBytesTV says:

    Yeah, they don’t move much, but they can still Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  9. Paytontengar says:

    woah, i’ve never seen a pacman MOVE before

  10. danielgraff says:

    Is that a pair of sexy Jags I see at 2:46?
    Looking forward to breeding those one day.
    I’m head over heels in love with Morelias overall.
    Have to say that it’s REALLY nice to see some videos from people who actually know what they are doing.

    // Daniel

  11. SnakeBytesTV says:

    The VPI strain brown out a little, but still look good as adults. Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  12. SnakeBytesTV says:

    It was really warm that day, we normally keep our room at 84 degree and we do use UTH heaters on all our racks. That was a super enchi. Neat animals. Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  13. Brian i’ve been told that axanthics will brown out as they grow and will look normal. Is this true ?
    thanks alot

  14. BIGBOI0324 says:

    so brian u keep the BP room at 91-92 and humidity at 65ish….does that mean there is no heating like flexwatt or UTH on the racks themselves? and one last question that last BP at around 3:15 what morph is that….i dont think ive ever seen it even on ur websites

  15. SnakeBytesTV says:

    Those are Pac man frogs. really cool animals, Brian(Sbtv)

  16. that yellow frog that was on the floor what was it called i would like to get one i want to start working with amphibians.

  17. SnakeBytesTV says:

    All the songs from our show are from a local band. I’m going to put the sound track up on our site for people to download. Seems a lot of people like it:) Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  18. SnakeBytesTV says:

    It’s pretty rare for us to leave tubs open. I do worry about it alot more when we have company. People look at the snake and just don’t close the tub all the way. I’m always going behind our company and shutting cages:) Thanks, Brian(Sbtv)

  19. lacike007 says:

    Please 1 more question for you – You have awsome song in backround …The first one is cool, second too, third too, They are all very good ..Can I know the names? That one whitch is started ad 1:58 is my favorite ;).Thanks

  20. pillowtalk6188 says:

    one question poped into my head watching this clip. how often do you walk into a room and soneone’s left a tub open and the snake has climbed out? is it more often when you have guests?

  21. SnakeBytesTV says:

    Hi Laco,
    Thanks for the support! Of course we’d love to have you visit if you come over for a holiday. Just let me know and we can work it out. Tnanks again, Brian(Sbtv)

  22. lacike007 says:

    Hi Brian My name is Laco I´m 15 years old..I´m from SLOVAKIA-little country in south europe..I just wana tell you..YOU ARE MY IDOL AND HERO..If i will sometimes go to USA..Meiby in this summer ..I realy wanna visit you and your crew if it´s posible.Thanks

  23. SnakeBytesTV says:

    We do sell few here and there. I’ll get some up on my site this week. Thanks, Brian(SnakeBytesTV)
    bhbreptiles (.com)

  24. SnakeBytesTV says:

    No problem, just let me know and I’ll be happy to have you visit. Thanks, Brian(SnakeBytesTV)

  25. PredAlienbrood says:

    haha im from england too but i am soo thinking about going over if i could have the chance to visit

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