Is liquid silver dietary supplement a good choice for human consumption?

I was giving a recommendation of liquid silver as a supplement supplement to help strengthen my immune system by a nutritionist at my local health food store. I am trying to decide whether I should add this product to my daily regiment.

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  1. Carpanone Kid says:

    First of all, you only want a colloidal silver supplement. However, there are other supplements with trace minerals that do the same job for less than a silver one!

  2. Does it have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) on the label? This is important, because some colloidal silver dietary supplements don't work.

    So, in order to discern the difference, you need to find one that follows GMP's.

    I also answered this question on another person's question about it. Read all of the answers and don't decide until you've done further research on your own as well:;_ylt=AlYzq_v8NXSp9QEQttbv19Hsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071220070950AA4R3uk&show=7#profile-info-AA11608496

  3. No. It will permanently turn your skin gray.

    And it will not "boost your immune system".

  4. Silver is a mineral, and if the silver is not in a food form, your body will wash it out, and you will have wasted your money.

    I have a good story to illustrate:
    When my children were young, the school hosted an assembly with a man conducting scientific experiments. In one of his experiments he had a box of Total Cereal. He said “There really is IRON in Total!”

    He poured the cereal into a blender and ground the cereal into a fine power. He placed a large magnet into the cereal, and then placed the magnet in front of a overhead projector light. You could see the IRON FRAGMENTS on the magnet!

    “There Really Is IRON IN Total!” he exclaimed! But what got my attention was his next statement: “But your body does not recognize that kind of iron because it is NOT FOOD, and it is literally washed down the toilet…”

    He then turned to a potted Spinach plant he had sitting next to him. “Spinach has Iron in it!” Our body will use that iron because it is FOOD!” The plant absorbs the vitamins and minerals from the soil through it’s roots, and makes it into the leaf — which we eat; and we get our IRON FROM PLANTS—AS FOOD!!!

    A new technology has recently been developed that takes this one step further>>> Scientist are growing plants with high vitamin and mineral absorption rates in a Water Solution! This technology is called HYDROPONTICS! They measure the amounts of vitamins and minerals that goes into the hydroponic solution, and how much is absorbed into the leaf of the plant, thus creating a STANDARDIZED product!!

    These plants are then processed into the world’s very first Food Based Vitamin AND FOOD BASED MINERAL Supplement!

    I know of only one company that produces food based vitamins and FOOD BASED MINERALS, AND meets Good Manufacturing Practices!!!

    If your vitamins and minerals are not FOOD, you are wasting your money.

  5. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Colloidal silver is a very powerful bacteriostatic agent that is supposed to be capable of killing 650 different pathogens, if you believe that claim.

    You must not take more than 300 mcg of actual silver per day or you could end up with argyria.

    Colloidal silver has numerous health benefits and is a good health tonic and for further information perhaps a search for "colloidal silver" + "health benefts" might be of interest.

  6. Here is a website you might find interesting…

    I have used colloidal silver for everything from ear infections to yeast infections. It has always worked for me and NEVER turned me crazy colors. I specifically use the Sovereign Silver brand. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck!

  7. YES! I can't tell you how good liquid silver is. Because of it, I rarely get sick at all. If I somehow get a cold because my immune system is down because of lack of sleep, my cold lasts THREE days. Yeah, 3 days, not 7-10 like normal.

    Judy B said it'll turn your skin grey, but that's not true. That's only if you have GALLONS per day. You only need a couple squirts of it to make you really healthy.

    Trust me, liquid silver works miracles. I had the flu last year and my symptoms were minmal and it lasted only 2 days.

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