What is the best known supplement of creatine?

I am a weight lifter for a football team and I will be playing Varsity Next year as a sophomore. I need a creatine supplement to help build my muscles. What is the best supplement that you think they have on the market. Also if you have tried them tell me if they worked for you. I would much rather prefer if it had creatine monohydrate in it because this is supposed to be the number one type of creatine for gaining muscle

Thank you

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  1. whiteninja_09 says:

    for rapid muscle growth I encourage any thing from bsn they have a wide range of supplements that really work and also taste good

    Pre-Workout — take no-xplode this suppplement gets your pumped up to handle the stress you put on your body

    Post-Workout–use cell mass this adds mass to your body and also repairs the torn muscles

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