How can i keep gaining muscle mass, while lowering body fat…?

at the same time??
or will eating less calories also result in muscle growth slowing down?? is muscle growth just a matter of getting enough protein, or do carbs and fat also affect the rate at which muscle mass is gained??

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  1. D'tagapayo says:

    Growing muscle is about the right amount of stress (work) rest, and nutrition. Of course genetics plays a roll too but lets stick to what you can control.
    You want to provide your muscles with protein for repairing what you stress during your workouts. You will need to eat six times a day. Three times a day won’t get it done. You want to limit your fat to as little as possible unless you are playing sports with long training sessions. You need carbs for energy throughout the day but not in the evening because you don’t need them being turned into fat overnight.
    You sound interested in nutrition at this point.
    Fitness for dummies and Nutrition for Dummies will have the answers you are looking for. Other books too, but these are easy to understand and fun to read.

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