How can i get rid of body fat and retain muscle mass?

How can i get rid of body fat and retain muscle mass?

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  1. tali_tsaragi says:

    Fasting is nature’s cure for many illnesses, and it also makes one lose weight. It will destroy your damaged, diseased, old, and fat cells and replace them with healthy cells. While water fasting is the quickest way, It’s not the safest way. I recommend juice fasting. For more information search the web and go to .

    After a month of juice fasting your body will be rid of the poisons you’ve acquired by consuming processed foods and drinks. It is hard at first, but it gets easier. Also, if losing weight is your goal, depending on how heavy you are to begin with, most people lose between 2 and 4 pounds per day when they start, though it will usually level out to one pound a day… so at least 25lbs. in a month. Once you’re rid of the excess body fat and poisons, your body will be very prepared for excercise and muscle and tone will build much more quickly. Aside from that, you’ll have much more energy, and the benefits are both physical and mental.

    The most important aspect is that it is not only healthy, but safe. AND it works. It really is the "miracle" diet, and it requires no pills. You have to actually WORK for it though, which is why many shy away from it. I hope this helps!

    Muscle cells are "Good" cells so they will not be destroyed. The juice replaces the oil in fat with water, working the fat out of the system.

  2. High protein low carb diet. You’ll get down to 3.5% body fat.

  3. rome_spqr says:

    diet is almost more important than exercize. eat healthy and include fruit in your diet, such as acai berry.

  4. Mass Nutrition says:


    Try eating 5 to 6 smaller meals a day. That’s Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and in between snacks. To get the extra protein that you need for snack drink a Whey Protein shake. Consuming protein every 3 – 4 hours, creates an anabolic effect in the muscles, which means building muscle and burning fat.

    Make sure that you avoid eating excess carbohydrates when you are less active, which is usually later in the day after 8pm.

    Hope this helps!

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