Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss

Beginning Yoga can be a useful tool for weight loss.. Having a consistent yoga practice can help us focus on our internal state of mind. Yoga allows us to draw our attention to the body’s imbalances that cause us to gain weight . Yoga breathing and yoga exercises can reduce anxious eating, and give us a mood lift or release nervousness that puts us into an emotional eating binge. Many yoga postures will increase strength and flexibility. Yoga itself can not burn enough calories for major …

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  1. Thanks, shygurl… I’m so glad that you tried this Yoga video out. Yoga can be easy and fun. Best of all… it makes you feel good! Yoga can lift your mood and help you gain strength and flexibility. Keep up the good work. Namaste~ Vicki

  2. shygurl0950 says:

    This was my first time trying yoga and I must say that I really like this. The moves were easy and comfortable and this is actually kinda of fun. Thanks so much for this video!!

  3. Good 4 you, Miss Holly. Staying with a Yoga practice is so important …. you will feel great. It is important to keep a healthy diet along with your Yoga practice. Keep positive thoughts! Namaste~ Vicki

  4. xmissxholly says:

    hi, im hollie and i have done this twice im goin to try it for 14 days and see if i notice a diffrence if i do i will continue to use this fantastic video. Thank you so much user kvformen for uploading this video (:

  5. i tried this one out, it was great!

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