What are the best supplements for healthy bones?

I already eat healthy and exercise but I need to take calcium/vitamin D supplements for some osteopenia in my spine. What other supplements promote healthy bones?

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  1. Check this out

    hope it helps

  2. I take stuff like glucosamine, choiditin , msm and trigosamine and caltrate, also, stay away from sodas or anything carbonated, they’ll eat up your joints, ive had to stop drinking them myself.

  3. kale, spinach, sunlight, 10" atleast daily, strength training/wt lifting, just remember, any excess calcium, body will excrete/eliminate it. supposedly can/does absorb only about 500mg at a time, so, split the dose w meals…

  4. Calcium!!!- yes we know it is important- for bones and teeth right? But did you know that it is so important that your body will sacrifice its own non-essential skeleton to maintain the ever-necessary 1% blood serum level that is required to sustain life?

    Did you know that EVERYONE over the age of 30 is losing calcium? It is unavoidable. Regardless of your sex, race, environment, occupation or economic status, you will get senile osteoporosis to some degree. It’s just how the body works.

    Betaine HCl -Hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach, or in the form of betaine hydrochloride supplement, is needed for proper absorption of calcium and all nutrients.3 HCl is needed for ionization of calcium in the stomach, prior to absorption in the small intestine.

    Magnesium- Important in calcium and potassium uptake.3 Minerals that interact with magnesium are boron, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and strontium. For each 100 mg of magnesium, take 200 mg of calcium, as this ratio increases the amount of magnesium the body can use. Those with kidney problems should not exceed 3000 mg of magnesium a day.2

    vitamin a and vit D are really good for you also.

    Hope this helped!

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