What supplement can you take before a game to give you an extra edge during the game?

What supplement would you suggest to take right before a game to give you an extra edge during the game? Many say N.O Explode right before a game can give you that edge, but is there any other supplements i can take?
P.S, the sport is football.

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  1. New Mr Green says:

    try crack or cocaine. they get your heart rushing so there is no way you can lose

  2. Ummmm Something high in sugar. Monster,full throttle, Amp, Red Bull (it gives you wings) 🙂 Lol okay that is all I know of.

  3. Porn is good, gets you focused

  4. eat a bag of potato chips so that you’re constantly thirsty and drink a lot of water during the game.

  5. energy drinks suck for sports trust me. 5 hour energy works for me and i know NO explode works fine too.

  6. Try Endorush. I think it is the strongest energy drink I have tried. It’ also supposed to help you focus. Make sure you follow the suggested servings on the bottle because it is very strong. You can get it at GNC or at most gyms.

  7. I personally like to use 5 Hour Energy, that stuff does work.

  8. Online Health Plans says:

    your best choice is bee pollen, this is an amazing super natural food:
    • Contains nearly all known nutrients, all 22 amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
    • Great energy booster – bee pollen is taken widely by athletes for stamina and for weight control
    • Natural source of protein
    • Reduces effects of stress
    and much more..

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    and here are the BEST places to get bee pollen and all other bee products:

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