do you think that supplements give people a false sense of security?

How do you feel about how supplements are regulated (or not regulated)? If you take a supplement did you compare it to the information in the website which addresses choosing a supplement safely?

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  1. Sometimes they do. In the context you’re referring to anyways. Sometimes, overuse of dietary (vitamin) suppplements MAY be harmfull. I seem to remember seeing a report about over-using calcium causing some bone disorders. Mostly though, we simply pass the excess nutrients out through the regular ways. lol. truly "pi55ing away" money spent on vitamins.
    Otherwise, even if there’s no true benefit to takin a supplement, (or hazards) one can take the placebo effect into account. It’s a very real, and often incredibly powerful effect. So long’s it does’nt develope into an obsessive act, who’se to knock a person feeling better by taking an unwarranted vitamin?

  2. How could anyone have any sense of ‘security’ at all? By lying to themselves a great deal?
    I personally have lost the fear of insecurity. But not the same insecurities.

  3. supplements are for health reasons. not security.

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