I want to start taking supplements for muscle building. Which is a good first supplement to take?

Dont ive me an exact name of the exact powder just say something like whey protein or something like this and state why (: thank you

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  1. Well of course whey protein whether it be whey isolate, hydrolized, etc…is a good muscle building supplement. Whey is a fast digesting protein, ideal for post-workout when our anabolic window is open.

    Casein is good because it is a slow digesting protein ideal for your before bed meal. Alot of ppl don’t have a b4 bed meal and they dont realize that when we sleep we’re basically fasting for 8 hours. Casein slowly distributes protein and essential amino’s to your body as you sleep.

    L-glutamine is an amino acid which helps to prevent catabolization of the muscles. When we do any aerobics our bodies will start to dig for energy in the form of glycogen stored in our muscles. L-glutamine prevents this and so your body will go the next best source…fat. Take with your Pre-workout meal of sip on it during your workout.

    BCAA(Branch Chain Amino Acids) aid in muscle recovery. I take these pre-workout and post-workout(most of which is in your protein shake and whole foods)

    Dextrose/maltodextrose/waxy maize are good carb sources for PWO. There are some who say we need a simple carb source to replinish glycogen stores in our muscles. These are good sources PWO.

    Nitric Oxide products like N.O.xplode are preworkout drinks that basically get you jacked up. They increase nitric oxide in the blood which prevents muscle fatigue and promotes more muscle growth. Only drawbacks is that they have alot of caffeine and some have artificial flavoring chemicals which I dont like.

    Creatine is good for muscle growth. It puts water into your muscles and more water means more glycogen. Cycle this tho.

    Fish oil is an all around good supplement. It aids in regulating cholesterol, promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes, etc.

    Invest in a multi-vitamin pack as well. Just for overall healthy living. Animal Pak is good, jux alot of pills to take imo.

    Anyway there’s just a few examples. Hope this helps

  2. Last summer I wanted to be cut for the beach, so I took Mass XXX about twice a day and saw a big difference. I’m not a big body builder but that stuff works. You just mix a scoop full into your milk and take it post-work out. It’s not a pill but it’s a protein powder. It tastes pretty good too, it’s like a vanilla shake. I’d recommend Mass XXX.

  3. Whey protein isolate.

    I’ve never used the stuff, or any supplement in fact. But after reading and learning a lot about muscle building im convinced if i was ever to supplement, then whey protein isolate would be the stuff i’d get. Mainly because it’s a quick and easy way to make, and ensures your daily protein intake is enough. Finally, when mixed with water as a post workout shake it is absorbed extremely quickly, straight to the damaged muscles that need repairing.

  4. GolSlaked says:

    Make sure you have a quality chemical free whey product minus the fillers and additives. Make sure you focus on your nutrition as well!!!! Good luck with the growth

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