Is it possible to regain muscle mass at age 68?

Does exercise and weight training only strengthen existing muscle, slow rate of loss of muscle mass, or add muscle mass.

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  1. BigRedHulk says:

    it is possible to regain muscle mass at any age. the most important thing is diet. make sure to eat high calories and high protein. st your age try to eat as healthy as possible and switch up your routine every month to month and a half.

  2. queenoflosing says:

    yes you can gain muscle mass. In fact there have been stories on the news of older folks regaining muscle mass with as little as 3 workouts per week. Use light weights and lots of reps at first and slowly increase the weight as it will get easier. Increase weight the minute you can’t feel any tiredness in the muscle being worked after 12 reps. Do 1 set to start for each muscle group then increase by 1 set until you’re at 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps and then by then you can increase the weight by a pound or two until that gets too easy. Get some instruction from a local trainer or get some books or information on weight lifting off the internet from a quality website.

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