Alanis Morissette’s Weight Loss Success with “Eat To Live” by Dr. Fuhrman

15 Remarkable Celebrity Body Bouncebacks on E! News Now Alanis Morrissette gets back into shape with a superior diet and exercise program. She credits the book “Eat To Live” in regaining her health with a nutrient dense diet. Guest appearances by: Jessie Pavelka fitness expert Patricia Ramos senior writer, OK! Magazine Meaghan B. Murphy fitness director, Self Magazine Don Scott personal trainer Dr. Philip Goglia author, Turn up the Heat Jenny Schatzle personal trainer/life motivator Mike …

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  1. lucasboden says:

    Look how good Dr Fuhrman looks. Isn’t he like 85 yo? Damn sexy man for 85.

  2. Gigsixstring says:

    hey, you guys, I just uploaded Alanis`s perfomance of “hand in my pocket” from woodstock 99. I haven`t seen it on YT yet. check out my channel for some Morissette`s or other performers` videos too.

  3. It is amazing how fast the LBS. drop off. A year ago my doctor recommended Dr. Fuhrman’s book and he has had other patients become successful after reading and following his book. The web site helps you transition into a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Congrats to her! I am on the same eating plan and feel the best I have since a kid.

  5. ElijahLynn says:

    @ElijahLynn “Alanis: I started with eating disorders since I was real young and almost every woman I know has been influenced by society’s standards of what is sexual and powerful and aesthetically perfect and it can really kill your self-esteem and completely ruin your relationship with your body which is for me becoming a more profound relationship the older I get.”

  6. ElijahLynn says:

    That is so cool that Alanis talked about the social pressures for women in this country. Even though I am a man, lately I have started to realize how much pressure women feel to look or act a certain way. Men have pressures to perform certain duties or be bulkier as well but I think women have it a bit tougher. That is great Alanis put it in perspective at 2:51

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