What is your favorite creatine supplement or preworkout supplement?

so far I really like N.O. Shotgun

one of my friends uses cell tech and another uses phosphagen elite
im talking about either OR

im not asking about protein i said CREATINE


PREWORKOUT supplement

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  1. I take a product called VasoCharge preworkout and Xtend during my workout. They are products from Scivation.

    Very good and reasonable price.

  2. Rockin Abs says:

    whey protein and post workout

  3. i get all mine from a site called:


    very reasonable priced and very very good.]

    can get anything from there have a look

    hope this helps

  4. Hannibal the Cannibal says:

    So are you asking about creatine supplements or NO supplements? They’re two different things, and creatine is not a post-workout supplement.

    I like taking L-Arginine before a workout, and whey protein right after.

  5. Creatine = cytogainer

    pre-workout = Mass XXX

  6. care_for_all_people says:

    You can get free ebook about supplements from the website in the link below. Lots of good information about fitness there.

  7. clintdawgmckay_01 says:

    I personally don’t care for any of the flavors of creatine and I’ve tried just about all of them. Some are worse than others, but none of them taste what I would call good. They all work pretty much the same if you can stand the taste. MUSCLE MILK IS PROBABLY THE LEAST DISGUSTING, but they all taste chalky to me.

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