What protein supplement should I take experts please answer.?

I am 14 years old and want to build muscle for sports next year. I am 5’6” and 135 pounds and still growing. What is a safe protein supplement for me that will really help me build muscle? Would Whey protein help me out in muscle building is it safe? What are other safe protein supplements.

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  1. Whey protein should be fine for you. I would make sure you don’t push yourself. Build the muscle in a stead pace because you’re body is still growing and you don’t want to restrict that growth with too much muscle mass. For your age range I would recommend (and this will vary based on how much working out you’re doing) somewhere around 45 grams per day. If you’re working out alot, step it up to about 75 grams. "reloaded" made a good point about when to take the protein. Typically you want to take the protein within 15 minutes of completing a good solid work out. The important thing to remember is that if you take the protein, but don’t do the work to build the muscle, you’re just going to gain weight, not muscle.

  2. reloaded234 says:

    whey. take it before or/and after a good workout, whey is a food really, its extremly safe. drink milk before bed, it has a protein in it called casein which is slowly absorbed so its feeding your muscles thru the night.

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