How many calories should I be eating to help build muscle mass?

I’m 6"2, 33 years old and weigh about 190lbs. I do 1 hour cardio and 4 hours weight per week. Looking to increase muscle mass but don’t want to get fat. Any ideas roughly how many cals I should eat a day?

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  1. If you have problems with weight do what I did – try acai berry. If you are desparate to lose weight its superfood qualities help loads – but those same qualities in addition help those who are trying to bulk up. Fantastic! There’s a free trial going on right now at , give it a try, what is the worst that could happen?

  2. Dick Buttkiss says:

    As many as your body asks for. p.s. You stand a better chance of seeing a unicorn than gaining muscle while doing 4 hours of cardio a week. Most drug free lifters aren’t going to gain significant amounts of muscle mass without adding body fat. It just doesn’t happen that way except in the rare few who are genetically gifted.

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