What supplements/herbs/easily attainable drugs can I take to do better at study?

For better concentration/memory etc.

Will doctors give prescription study aids if I don’t have any actual illness?

Modafinil or adrafinil (not sure if adrafinil is spelt correctly) look interesting, but could I buy them without ordering them?

I already take a general vitamin supplement.

Thankyou if you can help with any of my questions.

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  1. what are you eating? what exercise are you getting? what relaxation techniques are you practicing?

    more info

  2. rismanpsykat says:

    try some weed :)))) or lecitine

  3. ....p r i n c e s s... says:

    omega 3 fish oils help concentration

  4. soccermom says:

    Evening primrose oil.it helps my son stay alert and focused
    He has ADHD and make sure you eat a good breakfast.
    that always helps.

  5. I am currently on a customized muli-vitamin supplement which has been specifically formulated for my own body. After taking a urinalysis (in the privacy of your home) you send it into a lab where they formulate a custom supplement just for you. Since I’ve been on the product (about one year) I have experienced a huge increase in energy and much more mental clarity.

    You can check it out for yourself at:


  6. bigwiggle_501 says:

    Ginko Biloba is meant to increase the blood flow to the brain or something thus making you smarter.

  7. momfirst101 says:

    I take Provigil, one of the drugs you have mentioned here, for narcolepsy and fatigue associated with Multiple Sclerosis. It is not intended to be used as a supplement for the general public, which is why it is prescribed and it is a controlled substance.
    They say Gingko Baloba helps with memory, but I don’t know if that is what you are looking for. Have you tried caffeine?
    Vitamin B-12 liquid?
    They both work. Don’t turn to drugs for help with anything, that is how an addiction is started. Good luck!

  8. You’re going about this the wrong way, looking for a "magic potion."

    Get enough sleep every night; eat healthful foods and drink a lot of water; get a good amount of exercise.

    That’s the physical side: if you’re sleep-deprived, undernurished, and unhealthy, your brain doesn’t work as well as it should.

    But more importantly is to study intelligently.

    Don’t try to cram a bunch of trivia into your skull; when you need to do is first identify the most central ideas in what you’re studying, and really "get those concepts.

    Relate everything to those few ideas, and see how the ideas help explain or make sense of all that stuff.

    If you focus on using what you’re learning to understand the world better, or to accomplish things, you won’t have a problem with concentration, since everything will make sense and be inherently interesting, useful, have a point to it.

    We remember much better when we actually understand what we’re trying to remember.

    And even better than mere memory is the fact that, if we don’t remember some specific detail, we can figure out whatever we need to IF we deeply understand the basics and see how they work.

    I don’t know whether your teachers are interested in your being able to THINK within the subjects they teach or not, but either way, if you can do so, you’ll not only do better on the tasks that require you to think, but you’ll do better overall, even on the "how well have you crammed" kinds of assessments.

    Isn’t the whole point to actually become better-educated?

  9. well i don’t know if any herbs would make you study ^^’… but try a Wood Betony tea. it helps with nervous headaches, which (in my case) comes along with studying.

    you should also try a rosemary bath. the rosemary will clear away the sleepy headache and it will clear your mind.

    ginger might also help you (although I’m not to sure about this one). make some ginger tea and drink it. it might just end up making you sleepy!

  10. Manapa Bhojanadhikari says:

    take vitamines vit b and cod liver oil are quite good but just relax about it and things will happen trying to force it will only have a poor responce.

  11. Simple candle gazing improves concentration-it is safe as it is used in hospitals.Do a search on it. You could also try siberian ginseng,from the health shop. Rosemary essential oil also aids concentration.

  12. Your vitamins are pointless and cannot be utilised, excess water soluble vitamins are just peed out, though there are some concerns that high dose vitamin C may be mutogenic. fat soluble vitamins in excess are difficult to excrete and may accumulate and be toxic. Vitamin D to the kidney and vitamin A to the eye.

    Your GP will of course sensibly not only refuse to prescribe you anything at all, but will advise, as I would, against using any chemical aids.

    I am afraid if you can’t cut it without trying some Tommy-rot, you are just not going to cut it!

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