Is taking 8 supplement per day bad? Someone told me that i take too many supplements?

I was just curious to hear some other opinions on this because so far i have been getting mixed answers.

Daily i take a whole foods vitamin packet, which has 6 supplements in it. one of them is a multivitamin, three are multi-minerals, one is an antioxidant and the other is a probiotic.

Also daily i take one small biotin supplement and a silica supplement.

So this adds up to 8 supplements per day. Can this be bad for my health? Or is it a good thing?
This is the vitamin pack i take everyday:

It says that it is whole foods vitamins so is a good kind?

Also, i do eat healthy, but i take all of these supplements because i want to make sure I’m still getting all of the vitamins i need. But people have been telling me that taking all of these vitamins can damage my liver.

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  1. ☮Jen D☮ says:

    That is not an excessive amount at all.

  2. Its a good thing.

  3. rickyoutfield says:

    The only person that would tell you its too much is a medical person that only believes in drugs. They wouldn’t tell you not to eat a balanced diet.

    I would say that the supplements need to be natural vitamins that are derived from food, or you might need to take more to try and get some nutrition from it. Laboratory made supplements aren’t recognized by the body, and you probably get less than 5% of the total, if that.

  4. You’re doing what’s right for you, keep it up. As long as you can tell the difference when you take them from the days you don’t – meaning the body is actually assimilating the supplements then you’re good to go.

    And since no single supplement has everything you need in it – which would be enormous if it did, then we have to take 8 or more different supplements a day.

  5. MeatLoafMama says:

    It is all up to personal opinion. If it feels right to you then that is great. I personally feel better getting my vitamins and nutrients through my diet and feel fantastic! Most people may need a Vitamin D supplement.. but I live in the southwest region so I get plenty of sunshine! Good Luck.

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