How beneficial are vitamin supplements for “middle aged” and senior dogs?

My friend noticed that her 10 year-old dog’s hair was courser than before. She tried a vitamin supplement and noticed it greatly improved his coat and overall health. My dog is about 5 years old. Would starting a vitamin supplement for dogs help him maitain his health as he ages? If so, what vitamin supplement would you suggest. Or should a good dog food provide him with the vitamins he needs?

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  1. Fields of Gold says:

    If you know which supplement your friend gave her dog then perhaps you could try it on your dog too.

    All my dogs have Glucosamine with Chondroitin every day from the age of 5 years old. This is a good preventative for arthritis in later life. You could also add some Cod Liver Oil or Salmon Oil to his diet. This is excellent for helping to keep his skin supple and will also improve his coat.

    Of course, you can buy certain Dog Foods which contain all these supplements so have a good look around to find one to suit your dog’s age and lifestyle. I know Arden Grange Premium is one of them.

  2. Good diet is always helpful with overall health. I don’t think it’s ever a "bad time" to start a vitamin treatment with your dog. However, before you make any changes, diet, or otherwise, you should consult a vet. Make sure poochie is all a-okay before feeding your pup vitamins. Follow all instructions given by your vet for feeding and supplementing.

  3. pomegranatepants says:

    If you’re feeding a high quality food for senior dogs, then your dog should be getting the proper nutrition from its food. However, if your dog has a specific medical condition like arthritis, it might be beneficial. Try talking to your vet about what he needs.

  4. If feeding a well balanced high quality food your pet shouldn’t need supplements. If you do chose to give a supplement make sure it is something your dog actually is deficient on and is given in a form that can be absorbed and metabolized.
    Nursing,recuperating/recovering and ill dogs do benefit from supplements.

  5. Jessica A says:

    The goal would be for the dog to get all his nutrients from food but it doesn’t happen all the time and sometimes supplements are necessary. Many dogs have conditions where they lose nutrients and so a vitamin or mineral supplement is needed. Some dogs are not good eaters so they might not get the nutrients needed so a vitamin helps. Unless you give your dog too much, a dog vitamin is okay. Some people even give their dogs glucosamine if they know the dog is prone to hip dysplasia etc….. always ask the vet first but usually they say a vitamin is okay. All my dogs take vitamins and take a supplement for their fur and then the next day I give them glucosamine. I have asked the vet and followed what he said.

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