Nutritional supplement for someone with milk intolerance?

My mom needs a nutritional supplement due to weight loss from depression.

She is oriental and can’t tolerate too much milk. Are there any soy based supplements?

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  1. Milk is not a necessary food for adult at all. So there is no need for any supplement.

    There is a carbohydrate lactose, a protein casein and some fats in the milk, and there is sodium and calcium. These are main ingredients, which may be found in almost any other food, so there’s no need to even think what to eat instead of milk.

    I know, it’s easy to say, but if she’s depressed, she has to force herself to be active, or she has to speak with a friend or with someone she trust, so her appetite will come back.

  2. Bad Habit says:

    Yes there are many soy base supplents try health food stores online or in malls there are like 30 different types.

  3. Sliteofhand says:

    Soy milk is delicious, after you get used to it.
    Start with the vanilla added and taper off to the regular or light as you get more used to it.
    Eventually you will not even want the vanilla because the regular will taste so good to you.
    Soy ice cream is really good and has NO cholesterol and actually tears down the bad cholesterol.

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