NEW: 6 Day Advanced Muscle Building – Day 1 (Lost Video FOUND)

Discover How To Build Muscle and Six Pack Abs at 6-Day Advanced Muscle Building Program 6 day workout 1 day off no cardio needed Workout Schedule Monday: Bicep, Chest Tuesday: Shoulders, Legs Wednesday: Tricep Back Thursday: Chest, Bicep Friday: Legs, Shoulders Satruday: Back, Triceps Here Are The 5 WORST Things you Can Do If You Want To Build Muscle & Get A World Class Six Pack Abs Body. 1. Almost all bodybuilding supplements DON’T WORK and are a complete joke …

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  1. hooseman42 says:

    whens this going to be all out,..

  2. thefitathlete says:

    Dang… lie this video. I am gunna add this to the workouts I am already doing from vastmuscle (.com) Cant wait to see what happens.

  3. janobrito9 says:

    awsome work out… i just tried today and it’s very challenging… i realy love it!!!

    WHERE IS THE DAY 2!!!!! i need it to do it tomorrow!!!!

  4. could someone put the instructions for this video please… i speak spanish and is easier to translate when you read it

  5. please put the instrucctions in spanish please

  6. CheezMonsterCrazy says:

    He hasn’t uploaded it yet. The thing at the end is in there so he can more easily set the link up.

  7. where is Day 2?

  8. Jonskiiih says:

    friend i suppose =o

  9. Legitbusiness1182 says:

    Nice vid. Keep em coming.

  10. MrGangstar3600 says:

    are you vince delmonte’s brother or cosin or what

  11. dford7292 says:


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