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  1. heavynsad says:

    do you think you can change your body in one week by going crazy and working out hardcore for 115 hours in 1 week?

  2. jesse233mccartney233 says:

    1:53 he’s hot lol
    and wow
    and i swear i need to lose weight
    awesome video
    amazing video wow ( mashallah )

  3. jesse233mccartney233 says:

    so amazing

  4. kitik2010 says:

    good job to all you!!!! keep it up no matter what…

  5. dam i need 2 loose weight to dam

  6. UraganOtEnergiya says:

    yep, anything is possible!:)

  7. lyndsaye20 says:

    OMG i am like really amazed, now that is wat i call hard work good job to every1 in that vid

  8. Hey, does anyone know what the song is plz?

  9. Rachelboo09 says:


  10. SweetGirl85000 says:

    0:42 WOWW

  11. they still look fat

  12. Mfprincess26 says:

    wow that is truly amazing and an inspiration.

  13. madeinchinavids says:

    grats on 1:34 that must of taken alot of skill

  14. draeneika says:

    ty all…u realy helped me…

  15. mrsimple1691 says:

    2:28 Damn, Little skinny B*tch, Good Jop People.

  16. Marta7350 says:

    Great job, all you guys! You look so good! Just don’t let it sneak back on you. Keep focused! Xoxo

  17. blacksky53 says:



  18. smellykat74 says:

    1:54 is HOT!!!

  19. grrr!.. revals wrecked my diet 🙁
    but great vid 😛 nd they hav all lost sooo much weight! …NOT FAIR!! 😛

  20. TheStarvingSoprano says:

    Fast weight loss is foolish for a number of reasons.

  21. lilmzthunda says:

    damn i say got damn 1:54 is soooooo sexy

  22. gogotrkey says:

    awesome dude

  23. very impressed

  24. nice try

  25. jumbomans says:

    good results

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