What medicare supplement has a low monthly premium and good coverage?

The supplement that I now have has increased so much,and I need to find another,but am overwhelmed as to which one to use.Any advise or info would be much appreciated.

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  1. My experience is that the most popular choices are Plan F and Plan J.

    While the plan prices vary the same plan can vary by price a lot as well depending on who you buy from.

    Here’s a quick run down:

    -Each plan is government regulated, which means plan J (for example) from company A and company B offers the exact same policies and benefits by law. Where they differ is their premium (cost to you) that company charges.

    -Companies take different approaches to profit in this industry. They get paid over YEARS for signing you up as long as you’re still with them. You may find ages 64-66 a certain plan is super cheap from company A, but they jack it up after 67 once they feel they have a consumer under them that is loyal and isn’t changing companies. Other companies may charge a lot for certain plans for ages 64-68 feeling that these people are more likely to bounce around and leave them. Then they may charge low rates for the upper ages feeling they’re less likely to to move between companies and policies and the lower rates to to get them on initially.

    What it comes down to is you need to price fight to find the best rates, and every year check those rates again because every year you go up in age and the price field may be completely different and you could be wasting money by not checking.

    Use a price fighting site like http://www.usinsuranceonline.com/health-insurance/seniors/medicare-supplement-insurance.php to get multiple agents to give you competing rates. Any agent trying to pressure you regardless of where you go or who you talk to, tell them off as they’re not worth your time, there are many other good agents out there that will gladly help you find the best rates.

    There are a lot of learning sites out there you can self educate on the topic for, but honestly, finding a few good agents that are willing to explain it all to you isn’t that hard and much easier to comprehend through Q&A rather than reading a confusing novel on it 😉

  2. lillardlane says:

    I joined AARP. They have good policies and good rates. All are a bit high.

  3. AARP

  4. Insurance guy of Indiana says:

    Easiest way is to find a local independent agent in your town to shop it for you. Plan D makes the most sense for someone on a budget and usually Mutual of Omaha will be one of the lowest but have your agent check because they are all priced by county.

    United Healthcare (sold by AARP) is NOT usually the best choice because it is the exact same coverage but is usually priced higher because they have to pay for all of AARP’s junk mail and TV ads.

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