Is it possible to add muscle mass from working out natural?

There is a big hype right now with supplements such as creatine and protein. I’m just wondering is it actually possible to add muscle mass by working out natural?

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  1. Protein is the building blocks for muscle, so you do have to consume enough protein to be able to do more then just maintain. Most people I know that are training try for one gram of protein per lb of lean body weight (weight – bodyfat)
    There’s really no need to take all of those other supplements though. Who knows what kind of problems they’ll be blamed for later. You can get protein from regular things like meat and eggs, you don’t have to take a whey protein supplement or anything like that if you can get enough through a regular diet. Though, whey protein is just a byproduct of cows milk, so it’s not some odd chemical anyways.
    You do have to have proper nutrition and training to gain muscle, but, all of those supplements are not necessary.

  2. yes

  3. megansm1975 says:

    I’ve been working out for over 2 years. I don’t take supplements and I’ve added alot of muscle naturally. So yes, it can be done.

  4. yes thr is … i know this guy thats a plumber and he has muscles and he hasnt worked out a day in his life..but to get really buffed you may wanna take creatine and protein to build muscles…

  5. yeah moron

  6. yes…do 12 reps of the heaviest weight you can do…and they do 3 sets…..every other day

  7. Of course. The key here is have a good routine and to vary your routine. Remember that building muscle mass actually involves tearing and damaging your muscles so if you do the same thing over and over again your body gets used to it.

  8. Absolutely!

  9. slcrisp38 says:

    yea! just doing it on a regular basis can add musle mass! and it does if you balence it with the right amouts/servings of food

  10. yes if you work out properly and the right way. those supplements are really for the people who want to bulk up and get really ripped. If you are looking more for a leaner toned look…just keep doing what you are doing and you should see results soon….don’t forget to do cardio as well.

  11. Lindsey H says:

    Yes! You just need to eat ALOT and lift heavy. People do do it! Creatine (and other supplements) may benefit you now… but later in life it just messes your body up!

    Just look up natural bodybuilders!

  12. Yes it is, i gained 20lbs by eating a lot of calories and working out hardcore. Just make sure you work hard, for instance i did 3×10 of heavy weight but it was worth it. However, make sure you put in squats because if your legs get bigger, so will your upper body. Legs are the foundation of your body, its also the biggest muscle group. Just try that.

    Protein is not considered cheating, you can get protein just from eating food. So you should consider drinking protein shakes, because its just the same as eating alot, but less lengthy.

  13. Yes it is.

  14. Yes. hit the free weights. 3 sets of 10. i put on 15lbs of muscle in 2 months by going to the gym everyday working out each group of muscles on different days.No supplements just hard work. you can do it.

  15. bigjpforlife says:

    yea but make sure if your not getting protein from a supplement make sure you getting enough from your food (which is relatively difficult)

  16. Not without protein it isn’t. Does not matter if the protein is in powder form or from meats and fish but no protein equals no muscle.

  17. piratefancarrie says:

    Yes, you can. People use those supplements to speed the natural growth of muscle tissue. Weight lifting naturally breaks down muscle tissue. When it builds back up, it is bigger (more). Ask a trainer at a gym how to lift for strength vs. flexibility.

  18. yeah, but it takes a lot of work.

    i’ve been training regularly for almost 20 years and have some good size but it takes A LOT of work. u gotta be ready go into the gym and be the hardest working person everytime u go in. u also need to make sure u eat right and get plenty of rest

    oh, did i mention that it takes a lot of work?

  19. hakujin41 says:

    Yes. Burnouts, high calorie/protein intake, and circuit training. Do lots of maxouts. Focus on weight max, instead of reps. STAY AWAY FROM SUPPLEMENTS> there are always articles saying how supplements are bad for you: "There is some evidence that in adults, supplementation can increase creatine stores in the muscles, improve recovery after a burst of energy and delay the buildup of lactic acid, which leads to fatigue.

    However, studies also have shown that 30 percent of athletes show no response with creatine, likely because their bodies are already efficient at storing and using creatine on their own.

    Furthermore, no studies have shown any increase in endurance performance. Weight gain with creatine is typically not very much, 3.5 to 5 pounds.

    What about safety? The side effects of creatine are typically nausea, diarrhea, abdominal aches and muscle cramping.

    There have also been several highly publicized cases of kidney and liver problems, including rare deaths possibly associated with creatine use and/or dehydration."

    Does this sound appealing? don’t take creatine!

  20. uhuh

  21. spcmegreg says:

    Working out is how you add muscle but you need to take a lot of protein and eat foods with a lot of protein (plain boiled chicken is the best) Protein help turn fat into muscle. Creatine is naturally produced by the body to help in the process of changing fat into muscle. Chuck Liddell a UFC fighter eats foods totaling up to 4,000 calories a day but he also is 205 lbs and stays that way. Adjust your intake according to the weight you want to be

    Taking extra creating won’t hurt you but you take it right after a work out not before. I think you can take protein before or after as long as you work out regularly otherwise you’ll just get fat. Carbs are a major factor in weight gain more so than protein but like protein you need to work out regularly too keep from getting fat.

    Research what kind of creatine you are going to use some comanies throw extra crap in them that’s harmfull. I wish I could remember the creatine I take.

  22. mr. incognito! - step up front! says:

    yes but dont listen to all these bb magazines these days they complicate things with supplements and exercise machines and bodysplits and hitting your muscles from 10 different angles.

    just focus on compound exercises squat, deadlift, benchpress, push press, bent over rows, power cleans… dips, pull-ups..

    Arnold build his size from powerlifting(squat, deadlift and benchpress) not machines and 8 different exercises for one muscle.

    lift heavy(1-5 reps) and eat

  23. take a good diet , do 3 days exercise in the gym & give proper rest to ur body and then see the result.

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