How long does it typically take for supplements to make a difference?

Perhaps this varies by supplement..? Specifically I’m talking about calcium w/ vitamin D, fish oil, flaxseed…basically all those supplements that are supposed to help with long-term issues.

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  1. oldtimekid2 says:

    It depends on several factors, including how deficient your body is of the nutrient, how much damage your system has, and just generally how well your body absorbs the nutrient among others.

    Most people notice the impact of various supplements within anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but some denser tissues of the body can take longer for your body to repair (namely the joints and bones). Also, people often don’t notice the benefits from "passive" support products… like brain health, cardiovascular health, immune system health, etc. For example, I didn’t realize how well Ginkgo was helping my memory until I realized it had been a few weeks since I forgot why I walked into a room (which was common for me). I didn’t realize how well an immune system booster was working until my wife got sick and I didn’t (which I would always get sick when she did). You might not notice a specific "I feel ___" response, but your system will be healthier with various supplements.

    Calcium would likely be several months (mostly because of bone density tests), but if you take it with appropriate nutrients to help the absorption of the Calcium, it may take less time. You should feel better from Fish Oil and Flaxseed within that "few days to a few weeks" listing I mentioned… those are for health throughout the whole body (cardiovascular, brain, skin, etc).
    Good luck!

  2. natpractitioner says:

    It depends on how long you have suffered from the problem that caused you to take the supplements in the first place. Something that you have suffered with for 15 years is not going to go away overnight. You may have to wait at least a few months to see an appreciable difference.

  3. 3 months

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