What foods, supplements or techniques can you recommend to reduce muscle pain after extensive exercise?

I have a fitness assessment in three weeks that I want to be ready for and to do so I have been swimming or running multiple kms every day. Due to my sedentary nature {books not exercise} I’m in rather a lot of pain. Anything you can suggest to reduce the pain would be appreciated. I heard those protein supplements can do that but I wasn’t sure.
Thanks for the help.

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  1. hello It is important to recover with supplements after working out/cardio.

    Particularly increasing your sugars for your body to replenish lost energy. I recommend that you take a recovery drink, (high simple sugar content) I usually knock back some dextrose powder in water. A protein shake is good too, especially a high energy protein bar.

    amio acid tablets are good too.
    They stimulate muscle protein synthesis, provides fuel for the muscle and helps to maintain blood glucose. leucine is great. Try some protein shake an hour before work out too!

    after pain, if it is really bad could used some topical cream, like volterol or deep heat.

  2. I’m not really sure myself, but protein will help you get more muscle. But before you run, you should eat food with carbohydrates (bread, rice etc etc) because they digest easier.

    Stretching (before and after any exercises), warming up before exercise, cooling down afterwards, and gently warming the area will help you reduce muscle pain, but I don’t really think there’s a way to completely make muscle pain go away. I think muscle pains mean that you are actually making more muscle, and allows you to make your muscles stronger and bigger.

    If you trust Wikipedia, you can try looking at the article.

  3. glutamine

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