What kind of workouts to put on more muscle mass or lean muscle?

Any type of workout that would help build muscle mass or lean muscle. Also, what should i eat? i know red meat is one of them. but i know there are plenty others out there that would help build mass.

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  1. David, but call me Dave says:

    Right after you workout, eat some tuna. It is a great source of protein, and it doesn't have a lot of calories or fat.

    If you want to bulk up, do reps with more weight. If you want more lean muscle, do more reps but with less weight.

    Diet is important though. Try not to eat late at night, and eat lots of fruits and veggies during the day for snacks. Good luck!

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  3. Exercise: push- ups, sit- ups, and crunches
    Food: Raw eggs, peanuts

  4. blackwinged_angel says:

    Lean cut meats, and not necessarily ONLY steak, chicken and pork too. Lift weights, crunches, chin ups, things along that nature will help build up your muscle mass, pretty fast, most of the time, but you WILL be sore.

  5. Steak…..Steak is high in protein, so eat alot of it!! If you want to gain more muscle mass then lift heavier weights, less reps. To rip yourself out, lift lighter weights but do more reps!!

  6. tariqmirza117 says:

    well this is an easy answer

    i used to be fat as hell and my brother skinny as hell and we got a membership for a gym and we had to use most of the machines….you need to work on a different muscle area on different days and make it high intensity or you will not see that much progress but make sure it is just at your limit so you dont kill yourself and remember if your not sore you aint trying

    about eating you should eat healthy eat fast food like 2-3 times a month and make sure you dont munch down on that

    also if your on the skinny side after like two months of working out take some protein but never ever take too much

    if your on the fat side take criatine (not sure how to spell it but in stores should be right next to protien) after two months of wroking out with a lot of water over the day and go to a sauna and make sure you are sweating

  7. crunches and sit ups

  8. The reason red meat is so good to eat while building muscle is due to it's protein content. Grab yourself a 40g per serving protein powder and drink it right after you work out. Also, eating a lot of FREE RANGE chicken will help you build LEAN muscle. It has all the protein in it without any steroids or fillers.

    If you want to build mass make sure that you're doing exercises that include your entire range of motion. For instance, instead of bar dips where you're only bending your arms half way, do skull crushers or cable pull downs.

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